What is Creative Commons?

CC creates a “some rights reserved” model. This means that the copyright owner retains copyright ownership of
their work while inviting certain uses of their work by the public.

CC licences create choice and options for the copyright owner, and allow others to know
exactly how they can use digital materials in their own work.

There are 4 primary licence elements which are mixed to create a licence:
Attribution –
attribute the author
external image attribution-by.png
No Derivative Works –
no remixing
external image noderivatives-nd.png
Non-commercial –
no commercial use
external image noncommercial-nc.png
ShareAlike –
remix only if you let others remix
external image share-alike-sa.png

Find out more on the Creative Commons website.

Six Standard CC Licences

Click on the licence to view the Australian Licence deed.

external image by.png
Attribution – share alike
external image by-sa.png
Attribution - non-commercial
external image by-nc.png
Attribution – non-commercial –share alike
external image by-nc-sa.png
Attribution - no derivatives
external image by-nd.png
Attribution – non-commercial – no derivatives
external image by-nc-nd.png

Choose the Right Licence

This tool will guide you through the process of choosing the correct licence as you respond to a variety of questions.
It will then provide you with the html code needed if you wish to embed the license on a digital work.