An essential aspect of using Creative Commons licenced work is to acknowledge the licence under which you are using the work,
and in most cases, acknowledging the owner of the original work (known as attribution).

There are several resources available that explain this process.

Useful Website Overview

An excellent overview can be found on the Creative Commons website.

A PDF version of this information is available here:

Web browser plugins

The Open Attribute plug in can be downloaded on a variety of browsers.

A simple tool everyone can use, Open Attribute is a suite of tools
that makes it simple for anyone to copy and paste the
correct attribution for any CC licensed work. These tools will query
the metadata around a CC-licensed object and produce a properly
formatted attribution that users can copy and paste wherever they need to.

Addons are available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, as
well as for Wordpress and Drupal.

Licensing Material Created in Microsoft Office

This add-in enables you to embed a Creative Commons license into a document
that you create using Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or
Microsoft Office Excel. With a Creative Commons license, authors can
express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by others.
The add-in downloads the Creative Commons license you designate from the
Creative Commons Web site and inserts it directly into your creative work.

A useful overview of how to download, install and use this tool is by clicking the
button below that says Release Notes.

Printable posters and handouts

Click on the images below to access.
A useful handout
An attractive printable poster or handout