A Warning for Educators (and everyone else also!)

Using a specific tool to search for Creative Commons Licenced materials (or items in the public domain etc)
such as those that have been suggested on this wiki WILL NOT guarantee that the search is a 'safe search'.

Inappropriate images/files etc WILL appear with the same regularity as on open search engines such as Google.

Prior to asking students to search for something, ALWAYS do the search yourself, to ensure you have some idea
of what results will be returned. It is best to do this check as close to the time your students will be conducting
the search as possible, as the internet is constantly changing.

Sometimes the most innocuous search terms will return surprisingly inappropriate results.

Ensure you have all searches set to 'Safe' where possible, and you have informed your students of their rights and
responsibilities as a Digital Citizen; particularly that they know what to do should they come across an inappropriate search result.