Increasingly, teachers and students are moving from being consumers of
information and content to becoming creators and publishers of information and content,
due to the possibilities new technologies provide.

There is also an increase in the publication of student work beyond the educational sphere.
Whereas once student work was only displayed and shared in the classroom, nowadays work
can be published online where the entire world may view it.

This increases the importance of knowledge of copyright, as educational permissions do not apply
once the work is broadcast to a non-educational audience. Therefore it is very important for teachers
and students to be aware other sources of materials, and other licences that provide for reuse.
The best known of these is Creative Commons licensing, however there are other options such as
material that is in the Public Domain, and therefore completely free to use, as well as material that
has been marked Open Educational Resources (OER), Free Educational Resources and material
licenced under the GNU, which is known as General Public Licensing.

This wikispace has been developed to provide fast and easy access to a range of high quality resources to assist teachers and students develop a clearer understanding of Copyright, Creative Commons and other licences. It also aims to provide a 'one stop shop' for finding digital materials that may be used in the creation of multimedia and information on how to correctly acknowledge their use.

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